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family photographer in fair oaks, california

Sweet Sisters

A few from a recent mini photography session near the American River. The mosquitos were out and driving us all crazy, as per usual. ...

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Lucia turns the big 01!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of this little mama at her grandparents' house in Granite Bay. A ridiculously adorable one year ...

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Family Portraits in Cameron Park

Beth commissioned me for a family photo session up in Cameron Park last weekend. She said her oldest daughter was moving away to Hawaii for two years, and they needed family pictures before she left. I thought this was a fantastic idea. We took some pictures in their backyard, then moved down the street ...

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The Phillips Family

This family was so much fun and so easy to be around, but what I will remember most about them was how happily in love mom and dad were. Thanks for joining me on our little river adventure, Phillips family. I'm so lucky to have met ...

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I love film

My favorite thing about shooting film is once you get your scans back from the lab, your photographs are pretty much ready to go. They may require some minimal touch ups, like removing dust spots, but that's totally it. Film is so beautiful that it requires almost no post processing, which means less ...