A  Life or a Pose?

When you look back at your photographs taken over the years, do you see a series of poses or do you see your life? Do the images of you,  your family, your friends, your beloved pets recall amazing moments; quiet or boisterous, that are your most cherished memories, or do you see an array of stilted poses? Almost anyone would choose for their photographs to shine with the emotion of that past moment and bring it, ever fresh, into the present.  

We only have to think of the photographs of famous people, such as President John Kennedy’s family, whose lives have been chronicled by their personal photographer to recognize the intimate moments that we, too, want to capture for our own family.   

It’s almost impossible to be a participant in the delight of the moment and photograph it at the same time. How often have you wished dearly that you could have caught on camera those perfect moments of a vacation or birthday party or even the perfect moments of the ordinary day with those you love?

 You should be living your life….let us preserve it.